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Tarot & Divination   |  Energy & Healing  |  Wiccan Teachings


Reiki I, II, III - Usui lineage
Levels I, II, and III Master/Teacher. This series of three classes covers the history of Reiki, hand positions, and technique. It also includes all attunements. These classes are available for individual levels or all levels. Certificate upon completion. Private one on one class $50.00 each

Meditation for Spiritual Health
This class covers three powerful meditative techniques that will help you maintain spiritual health. This class will include a guided meditation for grounding, centering, and cleansing. I will also teach you how to connect to divine energies. These techniques will enhance any spiritual path you may be on.
Private one on one class $30.00

Healing with Aromatherapy
Lean to use the wonderful bounty of Mother Nature’s plant oils to relieve stress, create well being and aid in your magickal work. This class will cover the history and principles of aromatherapy, therapeutic uses and magickal blends. Come and mix your own personal blend or choose one from Deborah’s recipes. Private one on one class $30.00

Crystal and Gemstone Applications
Learn the practical magickal uses for crystals and gemstones. This class also covers crystal grids for energy work.
Private one on one class $55.00

Defensive & Protective Magic
Not for the fluff bunny! This class will focus on if, why and when to use defensive magick, as well as several techniques for protection and cleansing. Tired of the ping pong? tired of getting smacked over and over? This this class is for you! Not for the the squeamish or marshmallows. $50



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