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"Deborah Keleman has been one of the most important spiritual teachers in my life. Her knowledge, insight, wisdom, compassion, and integrity weave the foundation which brings light and truth into all her readings and teachings. Deborah Keleman is truly a gift on one's journey."
Trisha G.
LMT, Reiki Master

"Deborah Kelleman is the knowledgeable teacher, dedicated leader and healer, and courageous Goddess that most of us hope for when we venture onto a very crowded and often confusing spiritual highway. Throughout the years Deborah has been my teacher, my healer, my fellow traveller, and most of all my dear friend."
- Sherry Ridgeway, Witch, Tarot Intuitive, Teacher, Crone and - oh yeah! - Goddess

The first time I met Debbie I did not yet know of her psychic abilities. We sat outside of our office building and she introduced herself to me. Then later in the conversation she had pretty much summed up a few big events that would be happening in my life over the next few years. Back then, at that point in my life I was pretty much a skeptic about psychics and people being able to see into the future. But I was fascinated yet did not give much thought about the things she had told me that day. Two of those things were that my two year old daughter who did not speak much yet, would have a slight speech impediment, when she started talking. Mostly having to do with pronouncing her ďsĒ. But she told me not to worry and to take the teachers advice to put her in special classes to correct it because it would go away on itís own. The second thing was about my mom. She said she would be needing a kidney transplant and that they would think I would be able to be her donor but not to get my hopes up, because in the end I would not be a match for her. She said not to worry, for she would get a kidney from someone. And at this time none of these things really fit into my life, so I didnít give it a second thought. These things did happen, over the next few years, just like Deborah said. I really didnít even realize the connection of our conversation a few years back until much later on. Once I realized that she had pinpointed these and many other things I was amazed and was made a believer then. Until this very day I still contact Deborah for guidance and readings. And even 8 years later, she never ceases to amaze me.
- Sarah Schneider

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